• WEIGHT:   
  • SIZE:    8X8
  • AGE:    
  • PRICE:   $2,999.00
    These Firehouse kits with floor are roughly 8� high STANDARD FIREHOUSE KIT INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING: -2*3 wood wall framing -2*4 wood trusses 2� on center -High quality siding and trim prefastened onto wall panels -Panelized walls sections -Straight preprimed trim prefastened to panels -All other parts are precut and ready to assemble -1 working window with safety glass, grids and screens -Shutters -Brass Firebell -FIREHOUSE USA and Engine #1 signs -Firehouse engine doors are each (40� High x 20� Wide)for an overall opening of 40�*40� -Adult dutch door on back (61� High x 34� Wide) -Hardware needed to assemble (screws, latches, handles, nails) -Outside corner trim (white aluminum) -All trim and siding is preprimed PLAYHOUSE KIT OPTIONS: -Chimney Firehouse DO NOT include the following -Shingles* -Dripedge* -Paint* Also available in 8x10 and 8x12